Plugins Are Not Working On

If you have installed the Unity Web Player already but cannot load a game, this may be due to Google Chrome's latest update (version 42) which will make some Unity and Shockwave games unplayable. We do have a few workarounds that might help you.

You can either:

1. Change browser to one compatible with your game. This might be the easiest thing to do. recommend Firefox and you can download it here.

2. You can try and change the settings in Chrome to enable the game to run.

If you are using Chrome version 42 (updated in April 2015), Chrome users on PC and Mac will need to permit the plugin to run via chrome://flags/#enable-npapi You will need to do this even if you have the Unity Web Player or Shockwave player installed.

You will now be able to resume playing the game

Remember that there are lots of alternative games (in Flash, HTML5 and WebGL) that will continue to run in Chrome.

If you have any further questions, issue or feedback on this issue please do not hesitate to Contact Us.